Just Swim Competitors Course

Are you a triathlete or competitive swimmer? Do you want to learn the “slippery” swim techniques used by elite swimmers world-wide? The Just Swim Competitors course will show you countless ways to save energy and reduce drag, both of which are vital for competitive swimming. You will also receive diet and training counseling that will help to propel you towards becoming an elite swimmer.

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Advanced Swimming Lessons – Just Swim Advanced

Do you enjoy swimming, but in the back of your mind have always wished that you were better? Become the swimmer you always wished you could be! Even if you have swum for years with no progress, the Just Swim Advanced course is exactly what you need to gain both efficiency and skill in your swimming.

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Adult Swimming Lessons – Just Swim Beginners

Are you a non-swimming, or someone how has just never felt comfortable in the water? Do you have a fear of water and swimming in general? Do you feel your lack of swimming ability affects your ability to enjoy certain activities? Have you been frustrated with other lessons and felt that you will never be able to learn how to swim? If so, then Just Swim Beginners is the perfect course for you! We’ll have you feeling relaxed and confident in the water in a matter of hours and you will soon be swimming with grace and ease!

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Swim Lessons – Just Swim Kids

How would it feel to know that your child feels safe and comfortable in the water? What would it look like to see your child swimming with smooth and controlled movement, rather than frantically churning water in a panic just to try to stay afloat? Our Just Swim Kids course will not only have your child feeling safe and comfortable in the water, but it will ingrain proper swimming mechanics that will follow and benefit them for a lifetime.

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