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Swimming is an important life skill and learning to swim well can be a very rewarding and enjoyable experience. Just Swim speeds up the learning curve by concentrating on the essential skills of efficient swimming - skills that anyone can learn. Regardless of your age, ability or fitness level, exceptional swimming is possible for EVERYONE!
Just Swim One on One

Swim Lessons

Bangkok Only

Just Swim offers a host of one to one swim courses that makes exceptional swimming possible for everyone regardless of age, fitness level, or ability.

Just Swim Kids

Just Swim Kids

What would it feel like to see your child swimming with smooth controlled movements rather than the water churning, energy wasting strokes taught through traditional swimming methods? The Just Swim method will have your child feeling safe and comfortable while imprinting proper swimming mechanics.

Swim Lessons for Adults

Just Swim Beginners

Just Swim Beginners

If you’re a non-swimmer or have never felt comfortable in the water... if you have a fear of water or swimming… if you have been frustrated with other lessons… if you thought you could never learn how to swim… Just Swim instruction will have you relaxed and confident in a matter of hours and swimming with grace and ease before you know it.
Just Swim Advanced

Just Swim Advanced

Become the swimmer you always wished you could be! Even if you have swum for years with little or no progress, the Just Swim method will help you gain in efficiency and skill. You will end up swimming better than ever!

Just Swim Competitors

If you are a triathlete or a competitive swimmer, what would it feel like to learn the ‘slippery’ swimming techniques of elite swimmers? Just Swim will show you countless ways to save energy and reduce drag both of which are very important when swimming long distances.

Swim Camps

Available throughout Asia

Just Swim offers swim camps for swimmers of all ages and abilities throughout Asia. Swim camps are available for groups of 6-8 swimmers and camp schedules can be customized to meet individual needs.

Swim Seminars

Available throughout Asia

Just Swim offers swim seminars to help train other swim instructors in the Just Swim method. These seminars are a perfect avenue to help instructors hone their craft and pick up an additional certification. Both certificate and non-certificate courses are available.

Frequently Asked Questions

I already can swim, how can Just Swim help me?
Even though you may be able to swim in different bodies of water, Just Swim can teach you to do it with more ease, comfort and confidence.
Am I too old to learn how to swim?
Absolutely not! Just Swim is very effective in helping adults learn how to swim.  No matter what your past experience may be, Just Swim will help you achieve your swimming goals.
I compete in triathlons, can Just Swim make me swim faster?
Since human beings have a low level of efficiency when moving through water, there are endless ways to increase speed and decrease energy spent through better technique.  The idea of ‘continuous improvement’ makes Just Swim different compared to traditional instruction.  When you swim with this thought in mind, you will always be looking for ways to make yourself a better swimmer.
Does Just Swim teach all 4 strokes?
Yes. Just Swim can teach students to move fluidly and with purpose in freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, or butterfly.
How is Just Swim different from traditional instruction?
Just Swim believes in swimming intelligently.  By focusing on practicing the most effective technique possible, swimmers will move through water with a speed and ease that traditional instruction just cannot match.
I don’t float well. Can Just Swim help me?
Traditional swimming instruction might lead you to believe that if ‘you can’t float you can’t swim.’ However, Just Swim technique will have you floating and moving better than you ever thought possible.
Can children learn swimming through Just Swim?
Yes! Conventional instruction teaches children to pull and kick and grab a breath if they can.  This produces a stroke with flailing arms, a water-churning kick, and a breath that looks like the child is trying to climb out of the water.  On the other hand, Just Swim believes that practicing comfort, balance, good body positioning, and breath control before stroking and kicking are essential to a smooth and graceful stroke.
I feel uncomfortable and afraid when swimming. Can Just Swim help?
Yes. Just Swim can help you conquer your fear of water. Many swimmers who were once afraid to put their face in the water are now swimming with confidence in both shallow and deep water. They are now enjoying freedom in water that they never knew before.
In what ways can Just Swim be therapeutic?
Just Swim has helped individuals with injuries improve their health and strength by using the healing benefits that exercising in water has to offer.
Swim Camps
Just Swim Seminars

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